Earthworks Audio - DK25/R - 3 Microphone DrumKit Bundle For Recording

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High-definition Recording Drum Mics

Capture Loud Sources Accurately

Earthworks’ accuracy, clarity, and ability to capture detail have earned their microphones a place in the mic lockers of world-class studios and live sound engineers. The TC25 is a general-purpose condenser mic with an omnidirectional polar pattern. Ideal for a wide variety of instruments and vocals — including acoustic guitar, string instruments, and piano — the TC25 is equally at home onstage or in the studio, on a wide range of duties ranging from drum overheads to close-miked instrument amps, drums, and brass instruments. Every studio and live sound rig should have at least one pair of these excellent, incredibly versatile mics.

No instrument is off limits

With its whopping SPL rating of 150dB, the TC25 offers gobs of headroom, so there’s no need to worry about distortion, even with the loudest instruments. And its omni pickup pattern means no proximity effect, so you can get the TC25 right up on the sound source if you wish. With its ruler-flat, smoothly extended 9Hz–25kHz frequency response, the TC25 delivers an accurate representation of the original source.

Designed to capture louder sources such as drums and amplified instruments, the TC25’s ultra-fast transient response makes it adept at handling sharp attacks with aplomb, while still picking up all the subtle nuances and softest dynamics of a performance. Earthworks designed the TC25 to be time coherent, to precisely capture low- and high-frequency sounds without the phase errors that can smear transients and cause other time-related distortions. Its near-perfect omnidirectional polar pattern is uniform across all specified frequencies, letting the TC25 consistently capture rich detail from every position around the capsule.


- General-purpose condenser mic with omnidirectional polar pattern

- Ideal for vocals and a wide variety of instruments, including acoustic guitar, string instruments, and piano

- Can be used for close-miking instrument amps, drums, or brass onstage or in the studio

- Accurate and uncolored

- Effortlessly handle high sound pressure levels up to 150dB while simultaneously capturing subtle details

- Fast impulse response and diaphragm settling time

- Ruler-flat frequency response (9Hz–25kHz) and exceptional time coherence for natural, uncolored sound

- Sensitivity: 8mV/Pa (-42dBV/Pa)

- Power requirements: 24–48-volt phantom, 10mA

- Maximum acoustic input: 150dB SPL

- XLR output; output impedance: 65 ohms balanced

- Minimum output load: 600 ohms

- Noise: 26dB SPL equivalent (A-weighted)

- Includes MC1 microphone clip


Powerful Sound. Stunning Detail. Endlessly Versatile. 

A mic as versatile as you.
The Earthworks SR25 is a stainless steel workhorse. From subtle strums on an acoustic guitar to powerful crashes of cymbals, the SR25 never compromises your sound. A tightly controlled cardioid capsule keeps you in control of your sound, eliminating phasing issues and bleed that muddy your sound. With sparkling clarity and crystal clear articulation, your recordings and live performances reach new heights of audio bliss.

The Earthworks SR25 is a cardioid instrument microphone designed for miking drums and electric guitars in live performance and studio recording environments.

When looking for that larger than life sound from drums and electric guitar, the SR25 delivers. Sonic timbre and frequency response stay uniform across the entire front of the microphone capsule, helping you capture that perfect tone.

With a lighting fast transient response, the SR25 handles sharp attacks with ease, while still capture all of the subtle nuances and softest dynamics of your playing. With an SPL rating of 145dB, there is no need to worry about distortion or overload, perfect for loud guitar amps and drums.

The SR25 provides a transparent sonic character with a 20Hz – 25kHz frequency response, faithfully capturing every detail along the way.

Its near-perfect cardioid polar pattern is consistent across all frequencies, simplifying mic placement and ensuring more gain before feedback. With over 30dB of off-axis rejection, the SR25 is ideally suited for capturing audio in highly ambient environments and near monitor speakers.

Designed for drums and guitar amps, the SR25 is also an excellent choice for a variety of other instruments such as brass, woodwinds, acoustic guitar and more.

The KickPad

A good kick drum microphone needs to be designed and optimized for that specific purpose. This means the microphone is great for kick drum and nothing else. Therefore we designed the kick drum optimization in an external XLR package - the KickPad. Just plug the KickPad into the mic line going to the SR25kick drum mic for magnificent results. With the KickPad removed, you can use the same SR25 for most anything.

Impressive Kick Drum Sound from Any Mic!

Whether you're recording or performing live, getting a good kick drum sound is crucial to the sound of modern music. You need the right combination of bottom end and beater attack without overloading or causing interference problems with the bass or synths. Now, even if you don 't have a kick drum-optimized mic, Earthworks has developed the KickPad, an affordable way to guarantee you'll get that sound! 

Earthworks KickPad Kick Drum System at a Glance:

Turns virtually any mic into a kick drum mic!

Earthworks proprietary technology optimizes kick sound

Convenient in-line connection

Turns virtually any mic into a kick drum mic!
The Earthworks KickPad solves a problem many small studios and live groups encounter: you have a limited number of available mics and can't fit the expense of a dedicated kick drum mic in your collection. With the KickPad's easy connection you can take almost any mic and put it in front of the kick and get great sound! The KickPad works with both dynamic and condenser mics and allows you to continue using them on any other application when you need them.

Earthworks proprietary technology optimizes kick sound
Earthworks is renowned for their premium-grade condenser microphone designs. They're used for critical recording and reference work in studios and concert halls around the world. When designing the KickPad, Earthworks engineers turned their precision-tuned ears to all the qualities demanded in kick drum reproduction. The exclusive patent-pending technology in the KickPad gives you optimized low-frequency response, clearly defined beater attack and tonally shaped output. With the KickPad all you need to do is plug it into your kick drum line and you'll instantly hear improved sound.

Convenient in-line connection
Installing the KickPad is easy. Just plug one end into your mic's XLR output and connect the other to the mic cable - that's all! The KickPad doesn't need any settings, adjustment or power connection. It automatically goes to work, turning your mic into a kick-optimized performer. The KickPad's slim barrel shape doesn't take up any rack space or stage space. Almost invisible, the KickPad could be the "secret weapon" that will make your mixes stand out! Earthworks includes a KickPad in their incredible DrumKit microphone set but now you can have one for yourself at a remarkably low price.

Earthworks KickPad Kick Drum System Features:

In-line XLR kick drum mic optimization system

Delivers great kick sound and solves mix problems

Works on almost any mic - condenser, dynamic and ribbon

Easily plugs into mic cable

Helps you make the most of your mic collection

Versatile Mics

All three high quality Earthworks microphones in the DrumKit System will provide stunning results on a wide variety of instruments and vocals. As an added bonus, the KickPad will improve the sound of other popular microphones used for kick drum.

Handcrafted, Machined, & Assembled in the USA


Microphone Type : Condenser

Polar Pattern : Cardioid

Frequency Response : 20Hz-25kHz

Max SPL : 145dB SPL

Output Impedance : 65 ohms

Self Noise : 20dB (A weighted)

Sensitivity : 10mV/Pa (-29dB)

Connector : XLR

Power Source : 48V phantom power

Dimensions : 6.5" x 0.86"

Weight : 0.35 lbs.

Included Accessories : Mic Clip

Manufacturer Part Number : SR25 


Microphone Type : Condenser

Polar Pattern : Omnidirectional

Frequency Response : 9Hz-25kHz

Max SPL : 150dB SPL

Output Impedance : 65 ohms

Self Noise : 26dB (A weighted)

Sensitivity : 8mV/Pa (-42dBV/Pa)

Color : Silver

Connector : XLR

Power Source : 24-48V phantom power

Dimensions : 6.5" x 0.86"

Weight : 0.35 lbs.

Included Accessories : Mic Clip

Manufacturer Part Number : TC25

  Your Purchase Includes

- 2 x TC25 Microphones
- 1 x SR25 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

- 1 x KickPad™
- 1 x Windscreen for SR25
- 1 x Windscreen for TC25

1 - Users Manual
1 - DrumKit™ System Aluminum Carrying Case

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